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The following are our services and the benefits that our clients are able to derive from our seamless, integrated and leading practice methodologies, through highly skilled professionals who not only offer cost effective and unique business solutions, but who roll up their sleeves and make sure that the solutions work and give guidance on the implementation of a risk infrastructure that ensures compliance with good corporate governance requirements (King Code and the Public Finance Management Act , as amended):

Accounting & Auditing Services

Ramathe Chartered Accountants offers a broad array of accounting and auditing services over a wide spectrum of industries. Our approach and methodology are based on the value add principle to the traditional audit approach, with the result that the audit is no longer merely a statutory requirement, but rather a value added business service to our clients, which addresses the business risks and providing proactive solutions.

Corporate Governance Services

We provide proactive and modern internal audit services that evaluate both the tangible and intangible risks and the degree of effectiveness of the system of internal control in addressing the high business risk. This type of assurance will assist the organisation in effectively complying with good corporate governance principles and practices and enhance the control environment so as to minimise the risk exposure to the business, while at the same time highlighting which areas of the business are over controlled and to what degree such risks impact on stakeholder value.

Financial Services

We assist in the structuring of commercial transactions and advise on corporate finance related issues. Our experience has given us a sound skills base to offer innovation and creativity in devising unique financial solutions to a broad spectrum of business.

Forensic Accounting Services

In today’s business environment within the private and public sectors there is an urgent need and response to a rapidly growing level of commercial crime that is damaging our economy and the reputation of our country. In order to meet this need, we at Ramathe Chartered Accountants have gathered individuals possessing extensive skills and experience in dealing with commercial crime, and have developed leading edge detection techniques, approaches and training methods to equip management to manage their exposure to fraud.

Information Services

Ramathe information services understands the importance of information to assist our clients in making effective and efficient business decisions. It’s about analysing our client’s electronic data and producing meaningful, cost effective as well as value added results in the form of usable and user friendly information.

Data turned into information and knowledge is for today’s executive one of the most important decision making tools that identifies a business problem, turns this into a decision problem with solutions to minimise the business risk and grow the business.

Risk Management Services

Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) or comprehensive risk management is an emerging management discipline taken by organisations to integrate their management of a range of risks by explicitly addressing risk management at strategic, tactical and operational levels. The assumption of risk and the handling of risks are an inseparable part of business within the public or private sectors, where the effective and efficient management of risk is a core competency of the organisation. Optimal risk management is a strategically decisive factor in in business and is critical to the future success of business and the public sector, in doing more with less funding and scarce resources.

Spectacular cases of losses, fraud and mismanagement have caused regulatory authorities world wide, to increase the demands they place on risk management. Risk management in essence means the establishment of an organisational framework for handling risks.  All the processes, structures, resources and responsibilities needed to assure a systematic and efficient risk management, which are to be defined and anchored in this framework. It further provides an organisational wide, co-ordinated framework for diverse risk management activities that have been traditionally separated by functional silos and outdated business models.

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